How would your life be, if you would get home from work detached and relaxed at the same time?

After Work Yoga is a specially designed program for your relaxation and stress relief.

We will practice together physical exercises (asane) which will alleviate us, relax us and will help us improve our posture. We will also practice breathing exercises and total relaxation exercises.

The benefits of practicing Yoga:

We will correct posture, we will tone the muscles and all of our organs will function at full capacity.
We will balance the mental health.
We will evolve emotionally.
We will learn how to be present in order to take the right decisions.
We will learn how to act with love and compasion.

1 Session

Ron 50

4 Sessions

Ron 180

8 Sessions

Ron 320

N.B. – Prices shown are available for group sessions, not individual sessions.

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